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Helicopter Insurance
Providing helicopter insurance around the Globe

IHS has a specialist helicopter insurance broking arm which covers nearly all rotary platforms. We arrange rotary-wing insurance for small to large private helicopter owners, commercial fleet helicopter operations, EASA and FAA flight training schools, air ambulance services (HEMS/MEDEVAC), SAR operators, parapublic, police aviation and other governmental agencies.

We are partnered with over 15 aviation underwriters in different jurisdictions around the globe and therefore we are able to usually quote for your area of operations.

We have Helicopter operations operating in many territories around the world, undertaking a range of missions which include SAR, Fire-Fighting, UN humanitarian, infrastructure support projects, oil & gas, security, Medevac and diverse governmental helicopter operations etc.

Helicopter Insurances Types
Liability Insurance
Liability insurance essentially provides cover against loss, damage or injury to third parties which include passengers, cargo, mail and baggage. Although different insurers may offer slightly different policy limits and definitions, they do not generally provide cover for the pilot in command (of an aircraft/helicopter) or the actual helicopter.
NB: You must also carry evidence of this insurance onboard the aircraft at all times.

It is a legal requirement for any helicopter flying in the UK to have a minimum amount of liability insurance, as required by EU legislation. The minimum insurance requirements are set out in Regulation EC785/2004. This legislation applies to all EU countries and similar regulations apply in most other countries worldwide. For further information on the EU limits, visit

Hull Insurance
A hull insurance policy indemnifies you against a loss or damage to your helicopter.
Hull insurance policies are generally arranged on an agreed value basis, where the value of the aircraft is agreed in advance. In the event of a total loss, insurers pay out the agreed value, rather than the current market value.
It is important to set a realistic agreed value sum insured. If you choose a value below the true value of the helicopter(s), at the time of a loss an insurer may decide to declare the loss uneconomical to repair and pay the claim based on the agreed value. This payment may not fairly reflect the cost of replacement. However, if you overvalue your helicopter, insurers may elect, when you suffer a significant loss, to repair the helicopter rather than “write it off’ even if you wish to have the platform declared a total loss.

  • Municipalities
  • Corporate Flight Departments
  • Air Ambulances
  • Commercial Operations
  • Agriculture Support
  • Logging and Forestry
  • Offshore and Energy Companies

Insurance options for all the major helicopter platforms.

IHS can quote a complete range of Helicopter Insurance for Global Operators ……..

Helicopter Insurance

Helicopter Hull Insurance

Helicopter Public Liability Insurance

Helicopter inspections

SAR & MEDEVAC Solutions

Helicopter Upgrades & Retro-fits

A specialised team offering SAR and Medevac support services, equipment  and training to Governments, Police and Commercial Operators.

An experienced team to ensure you are offered value for money and the right helicopter platform for your commercail or military operations.

We cover EASA, FAA , Parapublic and Police MRO requirements which includes spares and equipment. AOG, licensed engineers in-country or third party.

An experienced consultancy team able to advise on any helicopter upgrades and the retro-fitting of optional equipment to EASA & FAA accreditation and approvals.