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Accredited Rotary Solutions

International Helicopter Solutions (IHS) boasts a team of accredited specialists with over 25 years of helicopter operations experience, Helicopter support, training and MRO solutions to EASA and FAA accreditation.

We offer solutions for every helicopter platform on a global basis and work with Governments, Military, Parapublic and Civilian operators.

We are a sister company of The International Aviation Group (www.theaviationgroup) who are one of the worlds leading aviation consultancies.

We have patience, expertise and most important – a sense of humour!!

IHS offers a full scope of accredited helicopter support services around the globe

Helicopter Sales/Leases

Sourcing & full procurement services

Helicopter inspections

Accredited Inspections (EASA, FAA etc.)

Helicopter Maintenance (MRO)

A full range of MRO services

SAR & HEMS Solutions

Air Ambulance, Medevac solutions

Helicopter Upgrades & Retro-fits

A specialised team offering SAR and HEMS support services, equipment , personel and training to Governments, Military and Commercial Operators.

An experienced team to ensure you are offered value for money and the right helicopter platform for your commercail or military operations.

We cover EASA, FAA , Parapublic and Military MRO requirements which includes spares and equipment. AOG, licensed engineers in-country or third party.

An experienced consultancy team able to advise on any helicopter upgrades and the retro-fitting of optional equipment to EASA & FAA accreditation and approvals.

IHS – on a global basis:

Global Helicopter Consultants to Commercial Operators, Governments and Military

Helicopter Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) solutions (EASA & FAA)

Helicopter Selection, Sales, Lease & Procurement

Search & Resue (SAR) consultancy and training

HEMS (Air Ambulance) consultancy and training

Helicopter Pre-sale and Insurance Inspections

Shipping, Freight & Logistics

Recruitment and Staff

Helicopter Pilots & Licensed Engineers