Pre-purchase Helicopter inspections to EASA & FAA Regulations.
When purchasing a new or used helicopter platform it is important to understand what you are buying before finalising a purchase contract. Even new helicopters must be inspected before acceptance and used helicopters without a full history of documentation are a purchase risk. The most valuable helicopters have the best paperwork, historical records, and archived records from new. Finding problems won’t kill the deal, it simply offers you a bargaining tool for price negotiations and most importantly this includes new helicopters as well as used helicopters.  We can provide a team of aircraft transition professionals to review the documented history and survey the aircraft, for compliance with the records.
We offer:

  • Pre-purchase helicopter inspections
  • Pre-purchase proposals for optional equipment
  • Retro-fit studies and proposals
  • Training and Maintenance proposals
  • Ferry, shipping and transport solutions/quotes

Our inspections cover:

  • A back-to-birth review of the aircraft records for:
    • Life Limited Parts:
      • Undercarriage components
      • Engine and transmission components
    • Hard Time Components
    • Compliance with the manufacturer’s maintenance planning documents:
      • Flying hour based
      • Flight cycles based
      • Calendar based
    • Mandatory documents for compliance
    • Engine health monitoring data for both gas path and oil wetted components
  • A review of sector record pages
  • A review of the structural repair file, including corrosion findings. Depending on the extent of the damage, the value of the helicopter will be impacted.
  • Review of all modification for applicability in the applicable regulatory jurisdiction, guidance on acceptable means of compliance will be provided.
    Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin compliance

More Questions?

  • Do you need to ferry the aircraft over a long distance? Or Truck? Do you have a known aircraft shipper?
    • Do you have Country specific Customs and Import / Export taxes / fees / documentation?
    • Do you need a Flight Permit or Temporary Registration? How long does that take?
    • Does your local Airworthiness Office require notification of intended flights or Permits?
    • Does your Insurance Company consider you qualified to fly the aircraft as PIC?
    • Will you need a ferry pilot to help you move the aircraft? Are the Current and Rated on Type?
    • Is your AME type rated on the aircraft?

Some of the areas that you want to have a maintenance expert look at are:
Another important part of a pre-purchase evaluation is the acceptance flight. How does the aircraft handle? Does it seem to be in rig? Does it fly OK? Do the gauges all agree with each other? Is there any excessive vibration. Does Engine meet Power Performance Specs?
For the export/import of the helicopter, there are numerous regulatory steps, which may require the services of specialists approved by the National Aviation Authority of the importing State of Registration, we can advise on the appropriate specialists.

Following the helicopter inspection the parties have four choices:

  1. If all looks acceptable, complete the sale/purchase as agreed.
  2. Complete the sale/purchase with an agreed price adjustment to offset the cost of discrepancies.
  3. Withdraw from the sale/purchase and pay out the AMO for services rendered.
  4. Work out another equitable arrangement between the parties.

IHS have an experienced team available to inspect almost any helicopter platform on a global basis………


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A specialised team offering a full range of accredited helicopter inspections (EASA & FAA) to Governments, Parapublic, Police and Commercial Operators.

We have an experienced team available to inspect and report for owners, insurance companies and any insurance claims.

We advise, inspect and accredit most helicopter upgrades and the retro-fitting of optional equipment to EASA & FAA accreditation and approvals.

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