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Helicopter Emergency Medical Services – Air Ambulance Solutions

International Helicopter Solutions has a very experienced team of civilian, ex-military and para-public professionals  committed to delivering safe, effective and affordable Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) solutions and training courses, that meet and exceed the high expectations and demands of our clients who range from Commercial operators, Para-public Operators, Governments and the Police …. over the last 25 years. Every client has unique HEMS capability requirements and we work to local National Aviation Authority (NAA) guidelines. Where local regulations do not cover the HEMS requirements, we will default to EASA guidelines; and we will work closely with the local NAA to achieve their goals.

HEMS are more readily known as the Air Ambulance (AA) – usually there are two distinct operating models:

  • As a replacement/support for a ground-based ambulance service with one, usually two para medics on board.
  • Where the crew includes a trauma qualified doctor as part of the medical crew, capable of performing complex trauma procedures at the patients’ side.

IAG, working with the UK’s leading Air Ambulance Operator can provide:

  • HEMS feasibility studies
  • A turnkey solution, based on either scenario outlined above, including:
    • HEMS Helicopter lease and sales
    • HEMS equipment advice and procurement
    • HEMS equipment, fitting and accreditation
    • HEMS pilot & crew training courses
    • HEMS support personnel training courses
    • Advice and guidance on maintenance support needs (EASA, FAA & local regulations etc.)
  • Access to world-class Pre-Hospital Medical Training on an ongoing basis

IHS offer over 25 years experience of HEMS operations, training, set-up, capability and equipment – for Governments, Police and Commercial Operators……….

HEMS Feasibility & Capability Studies

HEMS Accredited Training Courses

HEMS Equipment, Supply & Fitting

HEMS Helicopter Procurement, Sales & Lease

HEMS Maintenance Support & Maintenance Packages

HEMS – Feasibility Studies
An accredited study for start-up Helicopter  Emergency Medical Service operations providing costed options for investment approval.

HEMS – Helicopter Procurement
Advice on Helicopter procurement specifically to match your current and future HEMS requirements and capabilities.

HEMS – Training
A selection of comprehensive training courses for Pilots, Crew and Medical Staff combined with Medical Support programmes and capability.

HEMS – Equipment
Supplies, fitting and accreditation of a complete range of HEMS equipment for effective operations and a full and versatile capability.

A complete and fully accredited range of Air Ambulance services:

Global Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Solutions

HEMS Helicopter Procurement, Sales & Lease

HEMS Pilot, Crew and Medics Training

HEMS Equipment and Accredited Retro-fit

HEMS Feasibility Studies