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Helicopter Mechanics and Helicopter Engineers

IHS wishes to hear from high-quality, motivated and committed helicopter mechanics and helicopter engineers, with a view to placing them into roles that suit their individual and personal circumstances. Whether rotary type rated on one helicopter, or experienced on a number of different helicopters in one group, we would like you to get in touch with us.

Helicopter Mechanics Recruitment

IHS specifically focuses on helicopter operations and wants to recruit experienced and professional helicopter mechanics. We know it is the helicopter mechanics that keep helicopter fleets running, night and day. We cover both onshore and offshore requirements, so whatever your preference as a helicopter mechanic, we should have something for you. Whatever your discipline as a helicopter mechanic, we want to hear from you.

Helicopter Engineers Recruitment

IHS understands helicopter operations and knows the importance of having dedicated and committed helicopter engineers looking after a rotary fleet. Licenced helicopter engineers are essential to the smooth running of any rotary provision, either onshore or offshore. We want to hear from helicopter engineers world-wide, whether licenced on one single type, or many types within a single- or multi-engined group. So if you are a licenced helicopter engineer, why not get in touch with us and see what we can offer you?

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Our Partner – Qualitair

IHS is backed by Qualitair, a world-leading aviation recruitment and project specialist, itself parented by Randstad, the second largest HR- services provider in the world. IHS provides bespoke knowledge of the rotary engineering world, through its widely experienced staff, with a view to advising clients of the current market and the best tailored training to undertake, to maximise employment potential. As a helicopter mechanic or helicopter engineer, you will be managed by a company focused on helicopter operations, but with the backing of a world-leading recruitment specialist.